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NHS 111 makes it easier for you to access local NHS HEALTHCARE SERVICES. You can call 111 when you need medical help fast but itís not a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time. You can also dial 111 when the surgery is closed

Other Services
Ante-natal and post-natal care clinics are held on Fridays between 4:00pm and 4:30pm

Comprehensive confidential advice is available during normal surgery times. Prescriptions for oral contraceptives (the pill) can only be given on attendance

Cervical Smears Tests
We prefer to do these ourselves, and either of the practice nurses can carry them out. Please inform the receptionist when you are making your appointment that you will be having a smear test. We will follow the local policy that recommends a repeat smear every three years. Unless the cytologist recommends repeating the smear more often, or if you have had a hysterectomy.
This practice uses Liquid Based Cytology. For more information please speak to the nurse or GP.

Vaccinations and immunisations
(Practice Nurse)
Children - Vaccinations take place within a nurses clinic.
Adults - Routine vaccinations and travel immunisations are carried out by appointment with the nurse.
Are you up to date with your tetanus and polio?

Flu Vaccinations
In accordance with the Department of Health guidelines, we recommend an influenza vaccination for patients with chronic heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, low immunity, those in residential homes, any one of 65 years of age and any carers. Please contact the surgery in September/October for details of the vaccination dates, an appointment will then be made or an alternative arranged.

Non-NHS Examinations
If you need a special examination for fitness to undertake sport, pre-employment, HGV or elderly drivers, this will be done by special appointment and a fee will be charged. The doctor acts as examiner for several life insurance companies. Should they be asked to examine you for their purposes then the company will be responsible for the fee.

Medical Examinations
The Doctor is able to perform the following official medical examinations for patients: Taxi, HGV. The fee is £80.00.
Contact reception to make an appointment

Child Health Surveillance
With the Doctor: Six Weeks Check
With the Health Visitor: Eight month hearing test, Eighteen month home visit, two years six month routine check and four year pre-school check.

Well man and Well Woman clinics
The surgery has a well person clinic if you wish to attend, please make an appointment with the receptionist.

Health Promotion Library
The Practice maintains visible standing board for patient information leaflets

Complimentary Medicine
The practice is very aware of Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chiropractice etc

Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer screening with the use of dermoscopy(with doctor). If you have multiple moles or history of skin cancer,please let reception know so doctor can screen yourskinwith the dermoscope.
Smokefree Hull is still open and accepting new referrals. Appointments and support is being conducted over the telephone, and prescriptions for NRT are sent direct to the pharmacy. 
If you would like to make a referral or talk to an advisor, please e-mail, or call the service. Alternatively, you could visit our website.

Phone: 01482 977617

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Twitter: @SmokeFreeHull
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Smoke Free  Hull
In case of medical emergency - dial 999
In case of medical emergency - dial 999
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